Become an Anthropos Associates

Established in 1975, Anthropos is a non-profit counseling center dedicated to providing high quality, affordable counseling services as well as a comprehensive training program for Marriage and Family Therapist Associates. Anthropos Counseling Center employs qualified post-Masters registered Marriage and Family Therapy Associates on a revolving and ongoing basis to join our staff.  We employ nine associates at a time, and position availability is often dictated by one of our Associates reaching licensure.  This is a paid associateship.

Although Anthropos is primarily a training facility, we operate from a private-practice model, preparing Associates to have their own business in the community post-licensure.  While at Anthropos, Associates build their practice and business and are able to take their clients with them once they are licensed.  Associates are financially compensated for their work and enjoy a high level of independence similar to private practice MFTs.  Financial compensation is based on a commission style pay structure and Anthropos absorbs all required supervision costs.  Associates set their own schedule, have their own set of keys to the building, conduct client intakes, set fees, maintain their client files, engage in marketing, and more.  As a training facility, Anthropos helps Associates develop both the clinical and business skills necessary to create a sustainable private practice in the community post-licensure.

Prospective Associates are encouraged to reflect on whether they would like to ultimately have a private fee-for-service practice in the Tri-Valley area (Livermore, Pleasanton, Dublin) before exploring Anthropos as a place of employment.  We encourage prospective Associates to consider the distance from which they might travel in order to work at the counseling center and expect Associates to have Anthropos as their sole associateship in order to gain hours, gain clinical skills and build their financial future.

Interested applicants should send inquiries and/or applications to  Once you know the details of our associateship program, and are interested in applying, we welcome you to email your cover letter and resume to the Executive Director, Mary Kennard.  We will then contact you to clarify any information and to set up an interview.

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