Anthropos Counseling Therapists

Our Registered Marriage and Family Interns have a wide variety of interests, training and experience. All of our MFT Interns have completed a Master’s Counseling program and work under the supervision of Licensed MFT therapists. License requirements include a related doctoral or master’s degree, two comprehensive licensing exams, and a minimum of 3,000 hours of supervised counseling experience.
Below is a list of all of our MFT Interns. We invite you to click on any one below to view detailed information on each counselor. We support and encourage you to find the right therapist fit for your unique needs and circumstances.
Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Life Changes, Self-esteem, Trauma, Couples, Parenting, Co-Parenting, Blended Families, Codependency, Grief, Depression, Divorce, Aging, Work & Career, Spirituality, Sexuality.
Areas of Focus: Couples with relationship issues, and individuals with anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, life transitions, retirement, divorce, communication issues, parenting skills ,  blended families,  foster care, immigrant or multicultural issues,  grief/loss, ADHD,  and self-esteem issues.
Areas of Focus: Discovery of the true self, Sexual and interpersonal traumas, Healing from betrayal and interpersonal conflict, Relationship with others, Compassionate communication and positive interpersonal relating, Exploring value and meaningfulness in life, Stress management and anxiety reduction, Depression
Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Addiction & Substance Abuse, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Crisis management, Couples, Depression, Domestic Violence, Families, Grief and Loss, LGBTQ, Life Transitions, Military & Veterans, Parenting, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Acute Stress Disorder, Self-exploration, Self-Esteem, Sexuality, Social Justice, Trauma.
Areas of Focus: Anxiety, Attachment and relational issues, Crisis management, Depression and self-harm, Families, Conflict management, Grief, loss, and suicide bereavement, Human sexuality and intimacy issues, LGBTQ, Self-exploration and self-esteem, Transitions, Trauma.
Areas of Focus: Parenting skills, Self steem, anxiety and depression, Trauma, Grief/loss and healing, Domestic violence, Sexual assault, Children, adolescents, individuals, couples and families.

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