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About Anthropos Counseling Center Livermore


Anthropos Counseling Center was founded as a non-profit agency in  1971 in Livermore by several California State University, Hayward    professors.  The initial charter was defined as “educational, charitable, and scientific,” with the intent of constructively changing the design of institutional education.  In 1975, Anthropos’ mission shifted to providing quality, affordable counseling services as well as a comprehensive training program for Marriage and Family Therapist Associates.

In 1980, Ms. Jacqui Stratton, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, working in the Livermore community began to serve as Executive Director of Anthropos.  She served in this capacity until her untimely passing in late 2003.  In recognition of the important legacy she created at Anthropos and her many years of service, the Board established the Jacqui Stratton Memorial Fund which provides counseling scholarships to low income individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford counseling services.

Executive Director Anthropos CounselingOUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

Mary comes to Anthropos with a long list of experience in the helping profession. She was an educator for 15 years before getting her MA in counseling and later becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has had extensive community involvement as well as specialized training with couples, individuals and families struggling with addiction. With each new area of focus that has come into her practice, Mary takes on the challenge of becoming an EXPERT in that field and seeks out ways to gain the expertise necessary to meet that challenge. She has a heartstring for Anthropos and received her own trainee and associateship with us.

To contact Mary please email her at mkennard@anthroposcounseling.org



Anthropos Counseling Center is led by a volunteer Board of Directors whose mission is to support the availability of quality, affordable counseling services and the ongoing training program of Marriage and Family Therapists Associates in the Tri-Valley area.

Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences that contribute to the overall mission of Anthropos.  Board members serve to support the Executive Director and the counseling MFT Associates in the development of policies and procedures that foster Anthropos’ mission and philosophy.  In 1980, a basic intent and philosophy was created for Anthropos that informs and guides Board decisions and member’s service.  Based in a general belief that we are all connected, and thereby contribute and affect the greater whole in all that we do, collaborative versus hierarchical decision-making is a key principle of Anthropos.


Counseling Scholarships:
The Jacqui Stratton Memorial Fund

The Jacqui Stratton Memorial Fund (JSMF) was established in 2004 after the unexpected passing of Ms. Jacqui Stratton, Anthropos’ Executive Director for over twenty years.  Funds from the JSMF are distributed to our MFT Associates at the beginning of the year and are solely used to provide fee assistance for very low-income clients.  Anthropos already provides counseling services on a sliding scale so the JSMF is truly for those with little to no income.

Donations for the JSMF come from a variety of sources.  The Lawrence Livermore Lab and its employees make donations to Anthropos through the Lab’s matching program.  Community members who shop at SaveMart and Lucky’s stores and use the S.H.A.R.E.S program card tied to Anthropos make a donation at no additional charge every time they make purchases.  Private individuals who believe in the mission and philosophy of Anthropos are a very important donation source as well.

Donations to Anthropos Counseling Center are tax deductible and are withheld from the general operating budget for the counseling center.  When you make a donation to The Jacqui Stratton Memorial Fund, you can be assured that your donation is being used to support Anthropos’ mission statement in assisting very low-income clients who need counseling services and who often fall through the cracks of our society.


Time, Talent, Treasure

As a not-for-profit agency, or non-profit, our continued ability to provide counseling services to the community comes from the fees we take in for our services and from donations of time, talent and treasure from community members who want to support our mission and philosophy.

When you make a donation of “treasure” to Anthropos, those monies go straight into the Jacqui Stratton Memorial Fund (JSMF) to support counseling scholarships we provide to very low-income members of our community who come to us seeking services.  When someone with little to no income comes to Anthropos because of the JSMF and is able to sit across from someone who cares about them, be assured that your “treasure” is being put to good use.

We also recognize that you may want to support Anthropos’ mission, but are unable to do so financially.  We invite you to consider how Anthropos can use the support of your “time” and “talent.”  Anthropos’ Board is always open to new membership and is made up of volunteers who make donations of “time” and “talents” necessary for the well being of Anthropos.  Anthropos’ current location is an old home that continuously needs tender love and care both on the inside and out.  As a place of business where we treat people’s hearts and souls, the internal environment is extremely important and donations of “time” and “talent” are always helpful.

Other ways you can support Anthropos include your willingness to talk about Anthropos with others.  Even though the stigma surrounding counseling is less today than it was in the past, there still remains, at times, a point-of-view that only “psychologically sick” people go to counseling.  This is truly unfortunate and your willingness to speak positively about Anthropos or your encouragement of someone to pursue counseling who is in distress is a way to support our mission and philosophy in the community.

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